Nismo Racing Radiator Cap

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Nissan OE radiator caps are rated at 0.9kg/cm (12.6lbs) for non-turbo vehicles and 1.2kg/cm (16.8lbs) for turbo vehicles. Nismo caps are rated at 1.3kg/cm (18.2lbs). Fits all Nissans manufactured from 1984 to present.


By upping our cooling system pressure to 1.3 bar we gain about 8.7 degrees. Antifreeze only adds 11 degrees to our boiling point, so the main reason for running a 1.3 bar cap is to run straight distilled water (with water wetter to prevent corrosion) or a significantly reduced antifreeze ratio without danger of boiling over. Specifically, in the summer months.

For a car that sees track time, specifically road race time, it would be a good cheap upgrade to your cooling system. Especially when mixed with the straight distilled water+water wetter or reduced antifreeze ratio combo.



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