R34 GTR Rear Vspec Diffuser Center Mounting Bracket

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Brand New OEM Nissan/Nismo Parts 

This Original Part is made for the R34 GTR Vpsec Rear Carbon Fiber Diffuser Assembly. It allows easy OEM mounting location for the diffuser to the chassis of the vehicle . This is the Rear Center Mounting bracket. Only 1 is required to support rear diffuser in conduction with 2 side mounting brackets.

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•R34 Vspec Models


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  • Hi I have a standard R34 GTR, not a VSpec. I am looking to fit a VSpec diffuser. Does this bracket bolt onto the chassis of the car or does it bolt onto the diffuser to then bolt onto another bracket attached to the car? Thanks

    Hi , Goodmorning Kervin 

    To our knowledge and past experience with ordering these brackets for a customer with a non Vspec R34 GTR , The 3 brackets needed will mount to a chassis provision on the R34  Vspec. In order to mount the diffuser you will have to drill into the body to mount the brackets that you are looking at to fit the Vspec diffuser.  
    Hope that helps .
    If you have any other questions just shoot us a message on here or by email . 

    Thank you